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Refractory Material

Buy from us non-metallic, inorganic refractory material available in different shapes. Even at high temperature, the material does not go undergo any chemical or physical change.

Boiler Nozzle And Spare Parts

Buy from us all required metallic boiler nozzle and spare parts. These are essential parts in a burner which can be configured to create well-adjusted nozzle that can reduce consumption of oil.

High Alumina Products

High alumina products, mainly bricks and refractory material ate offered to our customers. These products have high aluminium with Al2O3 content ranging from 45 to 99 percent.

Fire Bricks

If fire bricks, furnace bricks and refractory bricks are what you need for your next projects, then get in touch with us. Our company can supply these bricks in any different sizes and shapes.

Refractory Cement And Castables

Contact us to meet your requirement for refractory cement and castables. High alumina cement is utilized in the production of castables which can withstand extreme high temperatures.

Thermax Refractory Bricks

Come to us to buy thermax refractory bricks to use in the development of fireplaces, kilns, etc. Under high temperature, these bricks maintain their physical and chemical stability.

Furnace Refractory

Furnace refractory bricks and blocks are available for purchase. Refractory ceramic material is used for making these bricks and blocks that are utilized in furnaces.

Boiler Refractories

In the segment of boiler refractories, we have to offer boiler bricks, and bed material. Fresh refractory clay is utilized in the production process.

Refractory Bed Material

We are offering the various types of Refractory Bed Material and are very effective for use. The offered material is very effective and made for providing the desired performance. They are absolutely safe for use.

Refractory Bricks Joining Service

The offered Refractory Bricks Joining Service is made available by thorough professionals and is very effective. The service is very efficient and made for use in the various places for effective construction.

Refractory Lining

The offered Refractory Lining is made available by us for use in the various commercial and industrial places. It is very efficient and made for use in the construction of various places.

Thermax Boiler Construction Service

There are various types of Thermax Boiler Construction Service that are made available by us for use in the various places. The service is very effective and efficient and made available by thorough professionals.

Boiler furnace Work

We are offering Boiler furnace Work services to construct thermally resistant linings as well as repair damaged parts. With its extensive experience, our team is capable of completing tasks in less time and at a lower price.

We mainly deal in Chandigarh, Delhi, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand etc.